These are trainings conducted by the Imaging and Optics Facility.

Before any Imaging and Optics Facility equipment & services can be used, we are obligated to inform you about our policies, safety measures. In addition, to that, we explain how to find your way around in the Imaging and Optics Facility, and we ask you to fill out a 'Basic Microscopy Quiz'. This Quiz is aimed to make sure that you understand the principles of the technologies to use, so we can focus equipment trainings on the operation and optimization, rather than on explaining the basics. In case you are not feeling secure about your basic knowledge, please feel free to join the 'Basic Microscopy Seminar' that is provided monthly (shortly after the introduction to IOF)

  1. All new users of the Imaging and Optics facility & Laser safety need to complete the “intro to newcomers”, We explain our usage & booking guidelines, training guidelines and required safety guidelines (biosafety, laser, mercury lamps) → you can only request an “intro to newcomers” via online booking system: here.
  2. Basic Microscopy Quiz: After completion of '1.' we ask you to continue with the ‘Basic Microscopy Quiz’. This Quiz need before the 1st system training (1 attempt; 6/8 question need to be answered correct). Not passing the test will require to participate in a seminar, and redoing the test → you can find the Basic Microscopy Quiz and Slides below.
  3. Training: After completion of '1.' and '2.' , please fill out the training request in our online booking system PPMS here.
Good luck!
your Imaging & Optics Facility Team