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For important IT information, IT security tips and data protection guidelines, please attend Introduction to IT @ ISTA at your earliest convenience.

This is an online training, and when you passed the quiz, the course is finished for you.

Dear all,

welcome to the "GDPR (General data protection regulation) training".

Please contact if you've any questions.

This is an introduction to coding and what you can do with just a few lines of code. After this training, you will understand basic principles of programming and Python[1].

This is a training by an external Instructor: András Aszódi (VBCF BioComp), his course at VBCF can be found here

  • Introduction to Python: basic principles.
  • Python data structures: strings, tuples, lists, dictionaries, sets.
  • Object-oriented programming: how to model coffee machines in Python :-). Inheritance (base and derived classes), Polymorphism

This course will cover Python3 only.

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